Buz Club Manager

To get started, please provide an XLS or CSV file from Buz Club Manager with as many of the fields below as possible. A report is usually available in your tee sheet with similar fields, and additional fields are fine.

  • TeeDate*
  • TeeTime*
  • Rounds/Number of Golfers*
  • FeeAmount*
  • FeeName*
  • DistributionChannel*
  • ReserveDate*
  • ReserveTime*
  • PostalCode
  • ReservationId
  • CustomerName
  • CustomerPhone
  • CustomerEmailAddress
  • PromoCode
  • CancelledDate
  • CancelledTime

Please run the report for last month and email the file to our Data Analytics Team for processing. Need help? Schedule time with our on-boarding team.

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Buz Club Manager

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